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Construction Process

①   Design & Proposal

An in-home consultation is the first step. Our pool designers have worked on backyard designs that blend in with and complement the natural surroundings. Your pool designer should fully comprehend your vision, scope, and details. Allowing for modifications, additions, and features that will make your pool the ideal complement to your lifestyle.

②   Permiting

The design professional will meet with you again to confirm the agreement once you have approved the final pool design and budget. After 72 hours, submit the appropriately sized and rendered plans to your neighborhood association or architectural committee, as well as the local city permitting office, for approval before any work can begin.

③   Excavation

Now comes the exciting part: breaking ground with the powerful excavating machinery. We are now prepared to gently open the earth in the exact shape of the swimming pool. With their skilled expertise, our team of swimming pool excavation professionals will astound you. To adequately excavate a swimming pool in preparation for structural reinforcement, it takes around one full day.

④   Bar & Plumbing

Once the structural steel has been installed into the excavated shape, it is time to install the stub-out plumbing. Taking into account every single component factor, including the swimming pool's location, elevation, integrated water features, and "turn-over" requirements based on the pool's total capacity and pump size. A typical pool and spa combination will have a plumbing system that includes more than 12 pipes in the main trench.

⑤   Title & Coping

Our professional tile installers will amaze you with their careful installation of all tiles and decorative stone materials at this stage, and the pool will begin to look very attractive. Although hard labor, especially in the summer heat, the results of our masonry experts will wow you and your family as you witness the construction of the magnificent natural features.

⑥   Decking

It’s time to get out of the dirt and mud! Once the decking installation is in progress you will begin to see the flow of space and functionality. Depending on your previous choices of pool decking materials the installation procedure may differ slightly

⑦   Plaster & Start up

Prior to the start-up procedure, it may take up to two full days and night cycles to completely fill the pool. We will also test the operation of all installed components during this period to ensure that everything is in working order. You won't be able to swim until the start-up operation is finished, which could take up to 7 days.

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