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Can You Make
an Existing Pool Bigger?

When it comes to modifying the size of a swimming pool, it is usually more cost-effective to start from scratch rather than trying to build on to what currently exists. When you do the latter, you run the danger of creating something that looks cobbled together (akin to when a home addition is added later but doesn’t appear to have always been that way).

Honestly, the same is true of attempting to reshape an existing pool or to change the depth. It will be a lot more cost-effective to just start over than trying to work with what’s already there.

Can you Remodel
without Changing the Pool Size?

Homeowners are frequently amazed at how much a pool renovation may improve things. In fact, the pool will be unrecognizable from its previous state. You may make a pool that is more your own and brand-new in many ways without changing the size, depth, or shape. If your pool is more than 20 years old, materials have gone a long way since then. Nowadays, there are a lot more possibilities. Even if your pool isn’t that old, but was planned and built by someone else, there are certainly a ton of options that are better suited to your wishes and needs.

With brand-new tile, coping, and finish, you can have a totally renovated pool that gives you much more enjoyment.

Nothing about a pool, we believe, should ever be an afterthought. As a result, even when working with clients who already have a pool that they despise, we are able to develop some very stunning, custom designs.

We’re here to be your experienced guide to a fantastic swimming pool renovation.

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